School Board Talk Sep 22

Good Evening Springboro School Board members and Superintendent Hook. My name is Brian Retterer and my pronouns are He/Him. I live at 35 Terradyne Trace in McCray Farms. I am a proud father of two juniors. Almost 4 years ago, my wife and I became trauma-informed foster parents and wanted to be in a strong school system. We wanted to give the kids coming to our home the best educational support we could, in a place where they would be safe, and have a strong educational environment.

I have frequently attended our school board meetings and the board is not managing unruly behavior at all. People are yelling, taunting, not saying their addresses,etc during these business meetings. Our community deserves more guidance from the people elected to run these meetings. Quote: “All those that requested to speak, both pre-arranged and not, were given time to do so”, end quote, is not an adequate response from leadership. Although speakers were given a 3 minute time slot, many of them were not able to speak for their full time due to being interrupted with heckling. I can not trust that the board is able to maintain order in our schools, when they can not even manage order in their own meetings.

I would like to read a portion of the policies that was adopted by the board:

Policy 5517.01 - “The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students” end quote

Why is this important to bring up? You have a responsibility to help provide education to our students in a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing environment. These meetings are open to all community members, including our students. When my daughter approached me wanting to speak at tonight’s board meeting, her first concern was the backlash she would receive from the audience. I have been told many times the same story about other students and even adults who would like to step up and speak, but are afraid to do so after behaviors in the audience at the last few meetings. Why are you, the board and superintendent not “providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment” during all sanctioned school functions in which our students are in attendance?

Every parent and student wants a safe educational environment and the board is expected to consult experts and act accordingly. This board is falling victim to bullying, intimidation, and being strong armed by a loud minority in our community. You need to provide direction and leadership; Follow the science and the professionals who are making recommendations on how to provide a safe and productive environment. You were not elected to be neutral. You were elected to guide the district with strong leadership.

Thank you

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