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Brian Retterer Announces Candidacy for Springboro School Board

Brian Retterer proudly announces his candidacy for the November 2nd, 2021, Springboro School’s Board of Education election.

As part of the Springboro School Board, Brian Retterer will work to assist the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee to support all students, teachers and staff. While D&I is in its infancy, so far their main focus has been children of color, however there are many other groups that can benefit from the creation of the D&I committee. Retterer will not only focus on our children, teachers, and staff of color, but will also encourage and lead change in supporting our children of all backgrounds. It should not matter the race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, special classroom needs (IEPs and 504 plans), or financial ability, every child deserves the same educational opportunities.

Retterer will also focus on enabling student learning through other means outside of the classroom. Our schools need to be able to empower the teachers to be able to allow children, no matter their situation, to have access to and utilize technology for education. Allowing alternate ways of learning will enable students who may be unable to attend in person learning for an amount of time to have the same level of quality and/or similar instruction, and not fall behind.

There is a lot of growth happening in the Springboro community. Our schools need to be looking ahead to be able to be ready to accommodate the ever expanding student body in our already crowded buildings. Retterer will work to make sure we are fiscally prepared and responsible to make sure the schools can grow alongside our community’s population without disrupting the learning environment of all of our students.

Election day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

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